Nevill Golf Club


Fostering Nature with Bird and Bat Boxes

Members funded the installation of 17 bird boxes back in 2022 . We have recently purchased a further 18 bird boxes (6 tit; 6 robin; 6 swallow) together with 6 bat boxes which have been put up around the course. The most recent boxes have been purchased from the local charity -Sherwood Men’s Shed. The latest tit boxes have been fitted with metal plates on the face to reduce the likelihood of attack by squirrels and larger birds. We have also now taken delivery of two large Barn Owl boxes from Men's Shed.

Working in partnership with the RSPB & Kent Bat Group
We invited both Tonbridge RSPB and Kent Bat Group representatives to the Nevill in late Summer 2023. The purpose of these visits was to get advice on how best to encourage birds and bats and where to locate boxes. These visits were hugely useful and interesting with both groups offering to return in Spring 2024 to support a biodiversity audit so that we have a clear record of existing wildlife (we will to seek the support of members for this activity).
Our visitors were pleased to see the new wildflower areas by the 14th and 15th holes since this will encourage insects - a key food source. Whilst we have already identified a number of bats on the course (mainly near the 6th, 7th &8th holes) we are keen to encourage more not least to reduce the number of crane flies which may otherwise infest the greens. Bats can eat up to 3,500 insects a night and, interestingly, crane flies could be carrying 300 eggs each. Bat species identified during the recent visit - Noctule, Common & Soprano Pipistrelle, and Daubenton’s.

Click here to see where the boxes are located

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