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Beehive Colony

Globally, many bee species are under threat from climate change, habitat loss and use of pesticides, amongst other things. Bees play a critical role in our food supply chain through pollination and golf courses can make a positive difference to their numbers and health.
Along with many courses we, at NGC, are looking to actively reduce the amount of maintained land in our care to benefit biodiversity and enhance the aesthetic for members.
Whilst this will take time the planting of a new wildflower area by the 14th/15th holes is a
good example.

In July 23, we set up a 2 hive bee apiary with the support of a NGC member
(Phil Edwards). Interestingly, in summer there can be between 20,000 and 60,000 bees in any one hive (with usually only one queen of course). The hives are in a safe area at the southeast end of the practice ground, within 500 metres of the newly planted wildflower area and close to sources of water. Bees, which can cover 3 miles to collect nectar and pollen, play an 
important role in the pollination of plants. With four out of every five wild and agricultural plants depending on pollination to survive creating wildflower meadows or similar areas on
a golf course is an important enabler. 

We were able to utilise some jars of honey from the hives as prizes in the inaugural Woodland Cup that attracted over 100 members. On October 6th, 2024, our second annual cross country competition promoting our sustainability activities will be held and we are once again looking forward to a successful event.

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